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Intro to “Advanced Elements”

As stated in the Sales Deck, the Advanced Kit comes with several interactive supporting elements. Should you be interested in upgrading your course to an advanced level, we would love to share more samples and discuss individual solutions with you.

The following samples were taken from a different German course.

Individual didactic learning paths (interactive & situational) have a positive impact on memory retention and processing. “Accordion” allows users, with little or some previous computer knowledge, to interact with the different layers of information. “Drag and Drop” takes it a step further by adding a playful task (to find the correct position of the given terms), which shifts the user’s status from passive to active, allowing him/her to process the information differently. -> Both elements could work very well for longer text passages.

“Index Cards” can be a useful tool for memorising definitions. The “cards” could be upgraded with images or audio.

“Video” content is also very engaging, because a) we are so used to consuming digital media all day every day and B) it offers an unmatched creative variety of content. You could either use stock archives or even embed YouTube content (careful with the copyright and Fair Use license) – or you could also create your very own videos-> Videos could be very helpful to visualise SOPs or concrete instructions.