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Route and Site of Administration

The route of administration must be clearly stated. If the route is to be abbreviated, only approved abbreviations for the more common routes may be used. The abbreviations that are approved for use for routes are: 

NG:Naso-gastric tube
NJ:Naso-jejunal tube
PEJ:Percutaneous Endoscopic Jejunostomy
PO:By Mouth
PR:Per Rectum
PV:Per Vagina

All other routes of administration must be written out in full e.g. “epidural” not “ep”. No other terms or abbreviations for routes, other than those listed are acceptable.

If more than one route of administration for the same medicine is needed (e.g. Cyclizine, oral or IV), separate entries are required on the medication prescription and administration charts.

Please note that care must be taken to ensure the bioavailability of the routes is equivalent. Advice should be sought from pharmacy if there is doubt. Haloperidol by the oral and intramuscular route is an example where two routes do not have equivalent bioavailability.

Intrathecal and Epidural Medication

Intrathecal and epidural medication must not be administered as part of the Healthcare at Home services.

Intravenous Medication 

Intravenous administration of medicines will be clearly stated on the medication prescription and administration charts. As far as possible ready to use mixture of medicines will be used to avoid the need for medicines be added to infusion fluids or prepared in anyway.  Prescriptions must also include the rate for administration of the medicines if given by an infusion.

Enteral Medication

Prescribing of medication via an enteral route e.g. NG, PEG, PEJ must have administration times where possible at a different time of day from parenteral medication. They should also be prescribed, where possible, to all be given at the same time of day, e.g. in the morning. Focus should be placed on NPSA guidance on enteral syringes for this route and advice sought where appropriate. The enteral route is not necessarily unlicensed, but it is in the majority of cases.