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Validity of Prescriptions

Details required for prescription to be valid

Details that must be included on every prescription or direction for supply on the medication administration charts are:

  • Patient’s Name;
  • Date of Birth with age if under 12 or over 60 years of age;
  • Patient’s hospital number and NHS number;
  • Dated weight in kg (if a child under 16 or an adult where doses are dependent upon weight); height in cm where doses are dependent on surface area; Patient address;
  • Allergy status;
  • Drug Name, Form & Route
  • Dose, Frequency and Quantity
  • If an infusion, the rate or duration must be prescribed
  • Consultant name;
  • Prescribers Name
  • Prescribers Qualification including Registered Number
  • Date prescription signed
  • Signature of prescriber

Identity of Prescribers including Non-Medical Prescribers 

Each prescription must be validated by the usual signature of the prescriber. The printed name of the prescriber must be written next to the signature together, along with their registered number from their regulatory body, so the prescriber can be clearly identified. Where approved electronic prescribing systems are in place, validated electronic signatures are permitted.

Cancer Prescribers 

The decision to initiate chemotherapy treatment must be made by a Consultant and the patient’s treatment must be discussed by a multidisciplinary team prior to HaH referral. Only appropriately qualified and competent Clinical Oncologists, Haematologists and, Paediatric Oncologists, are permitted to initiate the first course and prescribe the first cycle of chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer patients. Consultants should only prescribe within their specified disease speciality.

Healthcare at Home assure only suitably qualified Clinical Oncologists, Haematologists or Paediatric Oncologists prescribe by ensuring practicing privileges are in place.  This also details the prescribers scope of practice.

The prescriber must inform the patient’s general practitioner of the intention to start the course of chemotherapy and provide sufficient information for action to be taken in the event of the patient experiencing side effects. Medical doctors who are provisionally registered with the GMC (FY1) MUST NOT prescribe chemotherapy, for the treatment of malignant disease.