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The scope of this Internal Standard is to describe the standards to be maintained during thesupply of medicines to patients.  This includes; procurement, prescribing, storage, dispensing, transport, manipulation, administration, counselling, pharmacovigilance, handling incidents and complaints and destruction of medicines. 

The Internal Standards applies to all Clinical Logistics and Clinical Services staff working with medicines. 2. PURPOSE

This document purpose is to give clear guidance to Healthcare at Home employees during the procurement of medicines, safe supply and use of medicines. This is done following the below four key principles in line with the ‘Royal Pharmaceutical Society’;

Principle 1: Ensure assurance arrangements – ‘say what we do and why we do it’

Principle 2: Ensure capacity and capability – ‘people are trained and ensure they have the necessary competencies and resources’

Principle 3: Seek assurance we are safe – ‘do what we say and prove it’

Principle 4: Continually improve – ‘improve what we do’