Our E-Learning Approach: More Efficient, Engaging And Sustainable

With global home office numbers being at an all time high due to Covid, E-Learning platforms have increased their following as a practical and goal-oriented means to an end for continuing education. However, platforms such as ClinCoach still have to do a lot of persuading when it comes to overall acceptance and typical reservations.

That is why we like to refer to our 5 top reasons, why e-learning is a user-friendly, future-oriented experience for learners with different levels of computer-based learning backgrounds – from beginner to pro. 

#1 Perfect modern-day fit
Location- and time-independent training modules make classic front-of-class or book-based training a thing of the past. The benefits are really obvious: you can use E-Learning in the office, at home or on the go – whenever and wherever you like.

#2 Easy access and intuitive handling
E-Learning is designed to include not to exclude learners, which means that it does not have to be rocket science to be effective. Looking at projects from various perspectives helps understanding individual needs and finding a common E-Learning ground.

#3 Turning challenging topics into amazing learning experiences
E-Learning helps breaking down lengthy challenging topics into ‘digestible‘ and fun sections, which also positively affects learners’ short and long-term motivation. That is why a great E-Learning course should never cram too much content into a single section or chapter. 

#4 Engaging interactive elements

While these are also definitely a part of #1 and #2, they make such a vast difference to justify an individual contribution: Interactive elements such as draggable fragments, quizzes or video content actively involve learners and have a great impact on long-term memory as well.

#5 Unbeatable cost-benefit ratio
Having no travel expenses or unflexible on-site attendance allows for an attractive all round price, especially given the amount of high quality-training a learner can access on an E-Learning platform like ClinCoach. This makes E-Learning platforms not only attractive to learners, but also to organizations or employers looking for continuing education options in the workplace. 

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