Mindfulness for stress: preventing mental illnesses

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Stress in the health service – when everything becomes too much

Although 29% of all physicians worldwide have depressive symptoms, mental illness is still a stigma in healthcare. Clinical trials are also associated with time pressure, which often creates stress. Therefore, it is important to be mindful and create mutual understanding. Talking about one’s own condition can give courage to seek professional help at an early stage.

However, in order to achieve long-term improvements, working conditions must change. If you work in healthcare yourself, it is not unlikely that you also frequently feel overwhelmed. Nevertheless, you should not take it lightly. Here are some preventive measures for dealing with stress.

Enabling clinical training without stress

We would like to make a small contribution to facilitating the daily work of study nurses, investigators and other persons involved in clinical trials. Therefore, we have set ourselves the goal of making clinical training as uncomplicated and stress-free as possible. 

With ClinCoach you can define yourself,

  • when and where you start your training and
  • at what speed you complete the course.

You can access all content online from the start of the course until you receive your certificate of attendance. This gives you the opportunity to optimally adapt your continuing education to your professional and private life.

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