Study-Specific Course Offerings

Are you working on a trial and would like to familiarise a site’s employees with a complex protocol? New SOPs need to be memorised in a short time period? Or do you have individual requirements, which should be remembered easily?

Look no further, ClinCoach is your perfect fit! In addition to our current course portfolio, which we are currently expanding, ClinCoach offers the complete development process of study-specific course offerings.

You will profit from various benefits from the very first moment on:

  • method-driven, proven E-Learning
  • cost-efficient, demand-based training
  • location- and time-independent learning 
  • motivating, interactive learning modules

You can find additional information about our approach and adjustable service options in the following lessons, which we have put together in this preview course. 

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Study-Specific Course Offerings


Course Includes

  • 9 eLearning-Lektionen: direkt starten
  • 1 Quiz