General questions

ClinCoach is the ideal online partner for continuing education in clinical studies. ClinCoach offers already existing courses and loves to support you with concepting and implementing  course offers.

Our online courses offer various benefits:

  • location and time-
    independent participation 
  • interactive and realistic content
  • current and relevant with experts’ help
  • passed course enables easy print-on- demand-certificate
  1. Choose a course.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Pay for the course in the checkout process.

There are no special requirements, however a vocational training / medical degree is beneficial for most positions in the medical field

You can pay with your credit card, Sofortüberweisung or Giropay. Would you prefer paying with a corporate account and need an invoice? Please get in touch at info@clincoach.de.

Please get in touch by email
(info@clincoach.de) for a personal offer.

A voucher for a course can be added in the checkout area.

1. Please go to the course page and select a course (“Take this course”).
2. Click the shopping cart icon and continue to the checkout.
3. Click on the voucher field at the top of the page, enter your voucher code and activate it (“Apply voucher”).

In the login process, you can use your username or email to receive a link for a new password.

These kinds of issues can often be caused by A) outdated files in your cache or B) an outdated browser version.

A) Please try clearing your cache. Please find a helpful tutorial here: How to clear your browser cache 

B) If problems continue, please check your browser version and update on a regular basis. ClinCoach supports all current internet browsers (Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox).

Questions abou the GCP course

This course teaches the international standard to which all clinical research is conducted. It is primarily tailored to study nurses and clinical trial staff. The certificate of attendance is a requirement for working in clinical research. Doctors can also take the course, however CME credits will follow after the pending accreditation by the Chamber of Physicians.

Yes, the ClinCoach GCP course officially meets the TransCelerate BioPharma criteria.

In addition, the course is currently being accredited by the Chamber of Physicians and will soon offer CME credits.

ClinCoach will reimburse you 100% of the purchase price, if you are unsatisfied and did not complete the course.

The GCP course is divided into six chapters with respective sections. If all content is marked as “completed”, the final test can be accessed. Subsequently, the GCP certificate can be printed online. You can access the complete introduction free of charge for a better understanding.

No, the course can be completed at will.

You can retake the final test three times.

Upon completion of the course, the certificate can be printed online on demand.